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From a warming beginning to calming end, restore the body and renew the spirit as you quiet the mind with this 20-minute mindful journey.

Yoga Meditation classes guide your brainwaves into various states of meditation, it is important to understand all of the different ways this incredibly beneficial mind-state has been proven to help you with anxiety, depression, addiction, stress and a whole range of health problems.

Our brains generate more than 50,000 thoughts per day. The problem is, for most of us, our minds feed us useless, fear-based, past/future narratives that make no difference to us in the present moment. The same stale, repetitive thoughts about not having enough, not doing enough, and not being enough make us feel inadequate, powerless, and helpless. To compound the problem, we create even more resistance by attaching good/bad labels to our incoming thoughts. In a stressful situation, your body gets ready for emergency action, causing certain hormones to flood your system. This “fight or flight” reaction increases your blood pressure, breathing and heart rate, while tightening up all of your muscles. .” As countless studies have proven, stress is a weapon of mass destruction. We must learn how to transcend this so called “silent killer”. Yoga Meditation classes are the key!

From physically changing the structure of the brain to releasing stress neutralizing chemicals, to quieting the anxiety-creating mind-chatter, here we discuss a few of the reasons that yoga class meditation is the very best stress-neutralizing tool.

Benefits of Meditation Yoga: Slow Aging, Lose Weight, Master Stress, Calm Neurotransmitters, Beat Addiction, Relieve Pain, Extinguish Inflammation, Boost Endorphins, Boost Serotonin, Faster Healing, Deep Relaxation, Boost Melatonin, Less Cortisol, Need Less Sleep, Increase Libido, Have More Energy, Strengthen Immunity.

Meditation Yoga is a Quieting of the Mind. Luckily, yoga class meditation is the very best method of quieting and stilling the mind. Yoga Meditation classes will allow you 20 minutes of allowing you to be mindful of your incoming thoughts – aware of your inner monologue. It transfers power away from the busy, “monkey mind” to the slow, deep, profound so-called “ox mind”, ” allowing you to think more clearly and creatively about everything happening in your life. Eventually your dominant level of consciousness will be calm yet powerful, where your true potential can finally shine through.

Your 20 minute highly beneficial Yoga Meditation classes will effectively eliminate whatever stress your cells are currently holding in, while preventing all future stress from snowballing into anything unmanageable like anxiety, depression or any other disease. With medical science making it obvious just how damaging stress is to our overall health, it is easy to see why doctors now so commonly prescribe this age-old practice.

“The best cure for the body is a quiet mind.” Napoleon Bonaparte

Yoga Classes followed by Meditation Yoga is just is a positive way of managing your stress

Yoga Meditation classes takes place in our Core Connection Studio.


Yoga Meditation classes takes place in our Core Connection Studio.


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