Yoga for Increased Flexibility

Most everyone knows that yoga is comprised of stretches and poses. Unlike other stretching routines, yoga stretches both the muscles and the joints. In addition to building strength and improving your overall well-being, yoga provides increased flexibility.

Why Increased Flexibility Is Important

When you enroll in your first yoga class, you may not even be able to touch your toes without bending your knees, and that’s okay! In time, you’ll find your body loosening and becoming more flexible, and you’ll be able to achieve poses you never thought possible.

Being more flexible does more than help you master difficult yoga poses. A flexible body is less susceptible to injury. Range of motion in the joints increases, and the muscles, tendons and ligaments become looser and less prone to damage.

When you engage in yoga, the stretching increases blood flow to the muscles. In addition to delivering nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, improved circulation allows for faster removal of the waste products that build up in the muscles following intense activity. As you become more flexible and your stretching intensifies, your body’s natural healing abilities are activated.

yoga increased flexabilityAt Club USA Fitness, we offer a full range of yoga classes to help you increase your flexibility. Modern lifestyles are not conducive to flexibility. Spending hours sitting at a desk constricts that joints and muscles, and as we age, the body naturally stiffens and dehydrates.

Yoga prevents muscle fibers from adhering together and helps ease the effects of aging and keeps the body lean and supple. From preventing injuries to helping you maintain your overall wellness, regularly engaging in yoga to increase your flexibility is a great decision.

Yoga is right for just about everyone, and we have classes for all ages and skill levels. To enroll or find out about our Littleton yoga studio, contact us today! Call 303-979-7772.


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