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Love this gym. Classes are all day long and you have a huge variety of classes to choose from. Instructors are amazing and very outgoing with their members. They staff makes everyone feel welcome. KRISTI OKEEFE – TESTIMONIAL

Came from another 4 years ago….he gym is ALWAYS clean…repairs are done in a timely manner, hot tubs are exceptional. Kids section is fantastic…just started my grandson there…and he loves it. People there are ALWAYS friendly. Love this place! MIKE HOLOBEK – TESTIMONIAL

A great place to workout; nice for adults as well as families. And for those with younger kids, the Kids Club and Action Fitness are wonderful benefits of membership. I love the Red Zone add-on especially, but there are tons of great options for other classes and training opportunities. A pool, yoga, running track – all available here. I highly recommend this warm, friendly club to anyone in the SW Denver area. MELI RY – TESTIMONIAL

We have been members of Club USA since about 2002. We love the club. The owners do such a great job of keeping the equipment and facilities updated. There are so many great class options and great teachers that have also been with Club USA for quite a while. When our kids were younger, we appreciated the quality childcare as well. I’ve seen a lot of the same faces for years so I know others feel the same way as we do about Club USA. It’s also very conveniently located. Give it a try. MAURY OTTERSTETTER – TESTIMONIAL

A fun and friendly place to meet my fitness goals. Not only has my membership dues been stable for years, the equipment is constantly being updated. The classes are fun and energizing. The best thing about Club USA for me is the people. I have met people at the gym that I now consider my dearest friends. SUSAN MOYER – TESTIMONIAL

I’ve been a member of Club USA since 1996 and I think they’re always improving and making my experience they totally “WOW” experience! I’m writing this review at the tail end of 2016 so that shows you how dedicated I am to this gym! I recommend this gym to any and all my friends, neighbors, and family members! JIM URBAN – TESTIMONIAL

Hi Trish,

Thanks so much for the great oldies that you play for us during your Muscle Pump classes. They put me in such a good mood. After your classes I’m always happy all day long – OK the endorphins I get from your workouts also help. But the endorphins plus great oldies from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, are an unbeatable prescription for all day happiness.

Actually, just like Pavlov’s dog, now all I need to do is walk in the aerobics room and see your face and I’m immediately in a great mood.

As long as I’m giving kudos, I should mention that about a year ago I learned that Silver Sneakers makes it possible for its members to join as many health clubs as they want to without any money out of pocket. So I joined 5 different health clubs all on the same weekend. I wanted to try several different clubs to see which one(s) I would like the most. Over the next several months I tried classes and working out on my own at all of them. Club USA has been the hands down winner. No other club even comes close! I encourage everyone who is considering different clubs to compare the class schedules. And to those who say they’ll just work out on their own, I encourage you to try the classes. It’s so much easier to push yourself hard when there are bunch of people doing the same exercises with you. Now many of those people that I do classes with have become friends. And on days when I might otherwise be too tired to go to the gym I find myself there anyway because I enjoy so much the camaraderie of being with likeminded friends.

Special thanks to the following Club USA staff members who have befriended me: Al, Anna, Agnes, Cyndi, Danny, Daralynn, Jessy, Julia, Kim, Kristy, Lori, Maura, Monique, Ray, Renee, Terry, Trish, and Valerie. And congratulations, to all the staff and management at Club USA. You are amazing. You remember everyone’s name. You’re make the club a clean, friendly, and fun place that we all enjoy. Thanks for all that you do to make my visits there so enjoyable.

By the way, anyone who thinks this is just a ghost written piece of marketing hype. You are welcome to call me at my office. I’m a huge fan of Club USA!



My daughter is 3 years old and she had severe social anxiety. She would never leave my side, not even at her grandparents’ house. My son joined Club USA recently and attended a costume/princess party. My daughter watched for a while and saw how much fun everyone was having. She actually participated! She loved Ms. Maura and Ms. Maria so much she wouldn’t stop talking about it at home. Soon after, she tried a dance class there. We signed her up and now she is so much more outgoing! She is able to play with other kids and is much less dependent on me. I am so thankful we found Club USA!

Club USA Dance Testimonial



Hi, my name is Tim Kubik and my family and I have been members of Club USA for nearly 25 years.Club USA Testimonial

I work out 4 to 5 days a week lifting weights, running, using the elliptical trainer and stair stepping machine.

I work for Lockheed Martin and in the 35 years with the company, I traveled all around the United States and have used different gyms throughout the years, yet nothing comes close to Club USA.

Rick, Danny and the staff are one of the best in the business and that’s why my family and I have stayed with Club USA.

My Daughters, Christine and Jessica both started in the Nursery/Kids Club, took many tumbling and dance classes, then finally grew into the group fitness classes, free weights and machines as young adults.

They started tumbling and dance classes at the age of three and still talk about their experience with Trish and the rest of the staff. Participating in the amazing end of year productions throughout the years was always the ultimate highlight.

Rick has sponsored my girls a few times for their team events. Jessica won the Miss Teen Colorado Pageant and went onto Nationals in Florida.

My wife Catherine and I have had the pleasure of being a part of Club USA with our family and friends for many years and what a great ride it has been.

Thank you Club USA,


I am SO glad that is not me anymore. It is amazing to see the transformation. I know that I would not be where I am today without the Red Zone team and I am thankful for how much they have helped me. I know that I can expect to be pushed and challenged each time I walk through the door and for that I am eternally grateful! Thank you to the RED Zone for helping me in my weight loss/ health adventure. ? You guys are the best!! KARENA B TESTIMONIAL

I have been a member of Club USA for 23 Years. The Red Zone 90 day challenge put me back in the gym on a consistent basis. I have enjoyed increased flexibility, increased strength, better muscle tone, better balance, better sleeping, and a happier wife.

Every week the workouts change so your body and mind will always face a new challenge. The coaches will work around any injuries or problem areas while making sure exercises are performed correctly. The workouts are difficult and will give you a real sense of accomplishment that will keep you coming back for more. MIKE M TESTIMONIAL

I have been a member of Club USA for over 18 years. I have seen great results in the RED Zone. I eat clean and listen to the advice of the coaches, about how much protein, fat and carbs to eat. I do small group at least once a week, along with Foundations and/or Afterburn 4 days a week.

The workouts are safe and are always changing, keeping your body guessing. The friendships and encouragement you get from each other and the coaches are great!

Be patient and listen to your body. Most important DO NOT GIVE UP! KIM H TESTIMONIAL

23 years ago when I was a new member, I was sitting one evening in the steam room when a man came in. He asked what did I think of Club USA and I raved about how nice the instructors were and how kind everybody was to people with disabilities. I even told him that if he was thinking about joining the club, I highly recommended it. Turns out it was Rick himself, club owner/manager. There is practically no turn over with the employees so it’s a happy place to work in. The instructors I know best are Kathy Beach, Trish and Jennifer Holden. All three of these instructors are very professional and truly have your best interests and health in mind. I can’t say enough good things about Club USA. I have made some wonderful acquaintances there.

























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