Happy Hour Cycling Class

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Happy Hour Cycling Class

cycling classABOUT THE CLASS

Get you cardio buzz going with this 75-minute climb, race and sprint to the “finish-line” cycling class. It’s the most fun, intense spinning near you that you’ll find. Extra minutes equals extra endurance, extra calories burned, and extra strength. Get ready to be transformed!

Bikes are equipped with SPD clips on one side and baskets on the other. First 5 minutes of the Happy Hour Cycling class will begin with proper bike setup. A water bottle is required, and a towel is highly recommended.

Club USA Schwinn bikes have computers now! You will be able to see how far you’ve ridden, how many calories you’ve burned how much power (wattage) you can push, what gear you are actually in and how fast you are pedaling (cadence/RPM, revolutions per minute). There is something for everyone in this indoor cycling class; team time trials (get to know the person next to you), hill climbs, sprints, but mainly having fun by “dancing on your bike”!! We go to the music to most of the songs and sometimes even do some karaoke! This is the exciting spinning near you that you’ve been looking for.

If you are looking to get a fun, non-impact workout that can burn more than 500 calories in an hour this is the cycling class for you!! Always let the instructor know if you are new to spinning, so they can make sure you are properly set up on your bike for the best experience.

Club USA also has the MYZONE heart rate monitor system, so your workout is up on a TV screen showing you where your heart rate should be during the drill and what the drill is with specifics like what RPM to keep and/or what gear to be in. You can purchase the MYZONE belts and watch at the front desk. The computers pick up most heart rate monitors as well.

This indoor cycling class starts at 5 PM so come a bit early to find your spot and get your bike set up ready to ride and burn some calories.


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