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CycleMania LittletonABOUT THE CLASS

CycleMania classes at our gym in Littleton make an ultra-efficient, super high-intensity workout designed to raise your metabolism, positive and fun. Hit the hills, power the sprints, chase down the competition, and learn firsthand the definition of the word “endurance.” This ride has it all!

Solid cycling principles, top-notch coaching, and awesome tunes make this group cycle class a ride to remember.

Bikes are equipped with SPD clips on one side and baskets on the other. The first 5 minutes of the CycleMania class will begin with a proper bike setup. A towel is highly recommended, and a water bottle is required. Club USA in Littleton has Schwinn Spin bikes that include computers! You will be able to see what level of power (wattage) you are putting into your pedal stroke, how many calories you burn in each class, how far you ride in your class and how fast you are pedaling (RPM’s, revolutions per minute, cadence). The 9:15 instructors are very creative, innovative and love educating you on how to better your biking skills.

This CycleMania class has something for everyone, hills, sprints, time trials, endurance rides to increase your strength and power. Always let the instructor know if you are new to spinning so they can make sure you are set up on your bike properly to get the best experience.

Club USA in Littleton has the MYXONE heart rate monitor system, so your workout is up on a TV screen showing you where your heart rate should be during the drill and what the drill is with specifics regarding your gear, and RPM (cadence). You can purchase the MYZONE belt and watch at the front desk. The computers pick up most heart rate monitors as well.

These group cycling classes start at 9:15 a.m. so come a little early to set your bike up and get ready for a great calorie burn ride.

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