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Littleton Boxing Boot Camp


Our Littleton Boot Camp on Boxing is a fusion of boxing, martial arts and aerobics! Offering an intense cross-training and total-body workout it utilizes the training routines used by combat athletes in martial arts, boxing and kickboxing. The objective of cardio kickboxing is not to make a “fighter” out of you, but rather to give you a holistic, total-body training program that combines an aerobic workout with the movements and techniques of martial arts.

In addition, Boxing Bootcamp class provides strength training benefits because of the “resistance” when punching or kicking. However, unlike training in combat sports, there is no physical contact as in sparring. Boxing Bootcamp is offered as a fun and functional alternative to conventional aerobics training for fitness buffs who want a great workout with equally great results.

Do you have what it takes? Do you have one more round? I don’t hear any bell!

Do you want to change the way you train? Then this Littleton Boot Camp is for you… but not just any boot camp…we will Box and Kickbox you right into an amazing YOU!

This class is for motivated, participants who want to take their training to the next level. Drawing from disciplines of combat boxing skills and kick boxing! These extreme bootcamp workouts can take you to the next level of fitness.

This non-stop, high-intensity class packs a serious punch!

A dynamic, innovative, training that includes extra equipment such as Gloves, Heavy bag and speed bag, TRX, squats, thrusts, suicides, lunges, Plyometrics, and core strengthening to yield concrete results.

NEW Speed & Agility conditioning Boxing class! Bootcamp Kickboxing, All right here in this recently designed Class Boxing Bootcamp! Gloves will be provided however for the ultimatr training you are welcome to bring your own!

One member said, “It’s the type of fitness camaraderie that I’ve been searching for, and I’ve finally found it!” Come try our Littleton Boot Camp at Club USA today!


Boxing Bootcamp takes place in our Aerobic Studio.


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