The Skinny on Zumba Part 2 : Club USA BlogThis new craze in fitness called Zumba has proven health benefits and feels like a Latin dance party in the process. But where did it come from? Who came up with the great idea?

It seems from the recordable stories that Zumba started from a mistake. That’s right, a mistake.

A fitness trainer, Alberto ‘Beto’ Perez from Colombia showed up to teach his aerobics class and forgot his music tape!

Scrambling to figure out what to do he ran out to his car to see what he had there as regular listening music. Fortunately for him, and for the budding industry of group cardio classes, he found a cassette tape of Latin dance music. On it were the typical varieties of beats like Rumba and Merengue. As an avid dancer, and even a choreographer for other dancers, Perez styled an off the cuff aerobics class with Latin flair.

His students followed him eagerly through the dance steps as he stayed true to the cardio goals of a typical aerobics class. The session was such a hit he did it again, and again, and again. It quickly rose to be the most popular class at that gym and the invention traveled with Perez as he moved to Miami.

Not surprisingly it took off in Miami as well and attracted to Perez two entrepreneurs who helped him brand it and brought to the world the franchise known as Zumba fitness today!

Mistakes can pay off in big ways and Zumba is a living example worth trying for your own fitness regime.

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