WeightsThere is an official name for it, that muscle soreness the day after a hard workout. IT’s called, ‘Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.’ But even with naming it, is it good or is it a sign you worked out too hard? New research continues to educate us on the type of discomfort that shows we are benefiting, and the type that tells us to take better care.

DOMS is different from acute soreness which actually happens during your exercise. IF you have strain or pain while working out, this can be a certain sign to slow down or pull back. But DOMS is relatively harmless. It can, however, lead to injuries if you push a muscle that is already tender or swollen.

The important point to note is that it is not a sign that you had a good workout. It does not have to be part of your regime to keep or create a healthy strong body.

Normally DOMS shows up about 12 to 24 hours after your workout. It’s peak happens about 24-72 hours later. In the past it was thought that the pain was from lactic acid built up but enough research has been done and now shows the pain to come from microscopic damage to the fibers of the muscle. This damage happens when muscles are lengthened at the same time force is applied. This means that all exercise can cause it and all people could be susceptible to it.

Should you be concerned? While it is considered fairly harmless, most professionals agree is it a negative side effect. That means tailoring your exercise to avoid it is better for you all around.

The best remedy is to seek out a personal trainer at your gym to help you create a workout program that fits your body. And if you develop DOMS, wait. Just wait until it is gone so further strain, or muscle compensation does not make you a candidate for an injury that will require even more patience.

The personal trainers at Club USA in Littleton, Colorado are highly skilled in pushing you to your max while ensuring you don’t over do it at the same time.  Click here to contact us and learn more.


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