Littleton-Spin-ClassIndoor cycling is a unique type of exercise that is easy on your joints, utilizes your entire body with legs being the main focus.  It is a great way to burn up to 500 calories an hour, and have FUN.  The “spinning” classes are designed for ALL fitness levels, no matter if you have never worked out, or if you are an elite athlete….. the challenge is what you put into the class.  The wonderful option about Club USA’s spinning studio is that you can take a class, go early, stay later or just go on your own.  We have a projector and big screen TV so on those rainy or snowy weekend afternoons you can put in a DVD of Mt. Evans and climb it at whatever pace works for you that day.  (The DVD’s are located at the front desk.)

All of our instructor-led group classes are motivating with great music and are taught with the MYZONE heart rate monitor system.  Heart rate monitors are a way for your heart to tell your mind whats going on, how hard you are working, and gives you other feedback as well.  How many calories you are burning, if your heart is tired, if you are getting in better shape (you can take your heart rate higher at the same effort level as 3 weeks prior), and if your heart rate drops faster.  Heart rate monitors are wonderful tools for ANYONE trying to increase their fitness level!!!  So, the instructor lead classes will have a workout up on the big screen for you to follow.  The heart rate % has a color attached to it and the pre-programmed workout will have the color and the amount of time you should be in each color up on the screen for you to follow.

The spinning schedule is located outside of the RED Zone, hope to see you there soon!!!



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