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Your core is everything except your extremities, legs arms and head!!!

There are approximately 30 muscles that attach to the core and complete core training is a fundamental part of fitness training and way too often it is overlooked.  We tend to work our extremities and call it “good”!!!  There are so many benefits to core training besides just strengthening and improving core stabilization:


1.  Improves the transfer of power to and from extremities.What is Core Strencgh

2.  Teaches muscles to work together and efficiently.

3.  Aids in the prevention of injuries (especially back injuries)

4.  Can improve respiratory function.

5.  Facilitates proper distribution of weight and transfer of forces (improves balance).

6.  Improves spinal and POSTURAL control while the body is in motion.

7. Helps stabilize and align the spine, ribs and pelvis of a person to withstand static and dynamic force (lifting weights).

8.  And Tightens and flattens tummy!!!!! (most important, huh??)


Club USA has 5 specific “Core” classes;  Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8-9 am in the Yoga Studio.  Tuesday and Thursday at 3:45-4:30 pm in the aerobics room.

Our classes are designed to increase the core strength while working on balance and flexibility.


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