Pediatric NutritionCommercials, videos, flashing signs, cultural apathy and so many more factors create a sea of unhealthy eating in which our children are swimming. We may not be able to control all these factors, but we can give a lifeboat to those little ones we love so much.

Following are few tips that can be easy to pave a way of success for your children to not only eat healthier but to have fun doing it.

• Avoid becoming a short order cook. It can be quite tempting to make a meal you know your kids will eat and then one for yourself and your spouse. Doing this ingrains a habit that can be hard to adjust. Choose to make one meal and let everyone choose what they want from it. This way all adapt to what is given, try things they think they might not like and perhaps even cultivate gratitude for a meal shared as family.

• Hold your tongue. Rarely do children or even adults like to feel like they are micro-managed. If you are going to observe what they eat in general do not comment on everything. Be neutral. Self appointed policing of what goes from the hand to the mouth will only create resistance.

• You can always model happy healthy eating behavior. Your children notice much more than you do, in fact they are like sponges taking it all in. Whether they choose to imitate you or not, they are still noticing. Eat healthy yourself, and do it in a way that is gracious and fun. If you complain or lament eating your vegetables there is a good chance your children will ingrain this attitude towards them as well..

• Have fun with it. Let food become a party place. If you make sandwiches give them funny names. If you want them to eat broccoli, make tiny size broccoli balls for fun. Put a strawberry on top of something new and the party begins!

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