The Skinny on Zumba - Part 3 : Club USA BlogThe research done by Porcari and Steuttgen on Zumba (commissioned by the American Council on Exercise,) gives a thumbs up to this fast paced workout. It is not just fun, it can be called exercise!

Zumba not only raises the heart rate through interval training which is the most effective for burning calories and strengthening the heart, it works the whole body. The moves focus effectively on flexibility and strengthening the core as well. In line with true Latin dance, hips and torso movements are integral to each step.

One class will burn over 350 calories.  It is surprising but Zumba actually burns more calories than long enduring step aerobics, hooping, power yoga and even the vigorous cardio-kickboxing.  Zumba was determined by the study to be a full body workout with built in variety which keeps participants on their toes and interested. The dance leaves you feeling sexy which also releases great brain chemicals to release stress which can cause weight gain as well.

Zumba is for all ages and all levels of fitness. All the moves are easily done no matter the level of fitness. All participants will get a great workout.

Zumba challenges the whole adage, ‘no pain, no gain,’ with its ‘come to the party attitude’ that actually works!

At Club USA in Littleton, Colorado we offer Zumba classes at various times and with various instructors.  More info about our Zumba classes can be found here.  And contact us to learn more.



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