An Amazing Testimonial from Bill H.!

Hi Trish,

Thanks so much for the great oldies that you play for us during your Muscle Pump classes. They put me in such a good mood. After your classes I’m always happy all day long – OK the endorphins I get from your workouts also help. But the endorphins plus great oldies from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, are an unbeatable prescription for all day happiness.

Actually, just like Pavlov’s dog, now all I need to do is walk in the aerobics room and see your face and I’m immediately in a great mood.

As long as I’m giving kudos, I should mention that about a year ago I learned that Silver Sneakers makes it possible for its members to join as many health clubs as they want to without any money out of pocket. So I joined 5 different health clubs all on the same weekend.  I wanted to try several different clubs to see which one(s) I would like the most. Over the next several months I tried classes and working out on my own at all of them. Club USA has been the hands down winner. No other club even comes close! I encourage everyone who is considering different clubs to compare the class schedules. And to those who say they’ll just work out on their own, I encourage you to try the classes. It’s so much easier to push yourself hard when there are bunch of people doing the same exercises with you. Now many of those people that I do classes with have become friends. And on days when I might otherwise be too tired to go to the gym I find myself there anyway because I enjoy so much the camaraderie of being with likeminded friends.

Special thanks to the following Club USA staff members who have befriended me: Al, Anna, Agnes, Cyndi, Danny, Daralynn, Jessy, Julia, Kim, Kristy, Lori, Maura, Monique, Ray, Renee, Terry, Trish, and Valerie.  And congratulations, to all the staff and management at Club USA. You are amazing. You remember everyone’s name. You’re make the club a clean, friendly, and fun place that we all enjoy. Thanks for all that you do to make my visits there so enjoyable.

By the way, anyone who thinks this is just a ghost written piece of marketing hype. You are welcome to call me at my office. I’m a huge fan of Club USA!


Bill Hoeltgen, CFP®

Club USA Testimonial Bill H