Successful Strategies for Silver Sneakers : Club USA BlogOur bodies are always changing. They change for the better when we give them healthy food and exercise. They change for the worse when we do the opposite. This is quite a simple precept though one not always easy to follow.

As our bodies get older we especially need to listen. After years, probably of a full range of inattentiveness, it is never too late to start listening. For instance, our circulatory system distributes blood, oxygen and nutrients to our cells. It also takes away what the cell may no longer need. This means that at any age we strengthen our hearts through cardiovascular exercise and weight bearing exercise we help our circulatory system.

This goes for every part of our body. One of the keys is to learn how to work with our bodies right where they are. A great tool at our disposal is to join a gym that hires professionals who know how to work with you at the age you are fortunate to be. They can target not only the right exercises for you, but the right amount of time and weight and movement too.

With options abounding, like silver sneaker programs, uncertainly can be wiped away up front giving the confidence to step in and offer your body greater health and vitality.

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