As Trainers, we start with stabilizing our clients. Then we add weight, and finally incorporate movement. Learning how to organize your spine and properly transfer force and weight is critical to any training program.
Stabilzation is the foundation of:
Body awareness – knowing where your limbs and joints are organized in space.
Strength – knowing how to tranfer force through your core will help you push heavy weights and prevent low back pain.
Joint Stabilization – challenging your core to stabilize during an uneven lift will help protect your joints, low back, and hips from long term pain.
Whether you are fit or out of shape, an athlete or weekend warrior, you need to add stabilization exercise into your program to ensure proper executionI
We look forward to helping you in 2020 and would love to help you get more stable so you can get yourself more fit! If you haven’t already, set up a free weight room orientation with one of our nationally certified personal trainers at Club USA. And remember how important it is to train well to live better!


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