Safely Spin : Club USA BlogSpinning is quite the rage these past years, and for good reason. In our schedules, packed with engagements months in advance, it can be physically and mentally challenging to get the exercise our bodies so greatly need to maintain our health and stamina.

The exercise of spinning, or indoor cycling, is a perfect answer. This cardio workout will leave you dripping with sweat and your legs feeling like you went for a many mile hike. The forty to ninety minute immersion in a dedicated cycling studio provides a detox to the cells, a crash course in heart strengthening, and a time of de-stressing as you follow your guide through a stationary journey with guided music and ever changing pedaling.

There are a number of helpful tips to remember for your class.

Tip #1. Spinning is your workout. You choose the resistance, you choose the speed which gives you the reins as the certified spinning instructor provides the framework through their choice of music, their vibrantly, usually shouted, cues of faster/slower, uphill, downhill in a cleanly orchestrated ride through the imagination.

Tip #2. Spinning is one type of indoor cycling, and those that teach it are certified Spin instructors, with the healthy parameters given to create unique, motivating classes. There are other great cycling classes too.

Tip #3. Spinning is a great exercise for everyone. Even though the risk taking, boundary pushing, intensity loving individual will find a perfect match for their energy here, so will those who are easing into a workout program, or who have little attraction or experience with high intensity exercise. If you are one of the latter, the room is usually rather dark giving you the privacy of going at the pace that is perfect for your workout, while helping you develop stamina which takes pushing yourself a little more than what you are used to in your daily life.

Tip #4. Your instructor is your guide. This means they know how to give general guidelines about how to hold your body, how to move your body, how to understand what resistance to use and much more. These prompts will provide a safe place to explore what works for your workout, what gets you sweating without becoming too hard for you. Any group class can give a feeling of performing, or at least leave you feeling like you need to ‘keep up,’ but spinning is completely individual. Your bike is your zone and your goal is to concentrate on your zone, let the music rev you up and let the instructor give you cues.

Tip #5. Wear comfortable clothes, and flat soled workout shoes, avoiding long or baggy pants. Bring a water bottle and a towel. These are the basics, once you are hooked investing in cycling shorts and cleated cycling shoes, along with the extra gear like a gel seat and heart monitor can increase your enjoyment of the exercise.

At Club USA in Littleton, Colorado we offer Indoor Cycling and Spin classes at various times and with various instructors. Click here for more info about our classes or here for the schedule. And contact us to learn more.

If you are going for the first time, go early and meet the instructor. Let them know you are new, and let them know if you have any health issues. They can show you how to get set up and what to expect in their class.


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