Restoring Yourself with Yoga : Club USA BlogWith the many types of yoga available finding the right class for you could be a challenge. There are not only many lineages of yoga, there are many styles, and there are also different areas of focus in the very type of yoga offered.

One type of class that is good for all is restorative yoga. The method of this type of class is passive stretching through poses that are held for a longer period of time. In order to give the body the ability to hold the pose for longer all sorts of props can, and are, used to take away strain and to accommodate the individual level of fitness.

As all yoga the goal is not to see how much you can do, how long you can go or how much you can stretch like the pose is demonstrated. The goal is to follow the instruction for alignment, listen to your body and create the pose that works for you, and you alone.

Passive poses allow the yin in the body to bring balance. It works with the fascia tissues to aid in restoring the loss that happens as we push and stress not only the muscles, but also the tendons, ligaments and bones. Circulation is increased by loosening knots and tension, neural pathways are given renewal and an entire host of benefits abound in restorative yoga.

It can be a great compliment to not only an active class but also to the stress filled lifestyles our culture encourages.

At Club USA, Colorado we offer Restorative Yoga in Littleton.  Contact us to learn more and give yourself restoration by trying a class today!


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