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After years of personal cardio and weights you might be interested in changing it up. A Boot camp class is a great way to start. The name gives you a glimpse of what it does, it kicks your butt.

Here are three good reasons why boot camps ROCK:


Consists of both cardio and strength training

For those who dread cardio, feeling it to be long and monotonous, Boot camp will shake up the experience. The session is a fast-paced interval system getting your heart pumping with greater intensity in a shorter amount of time. You might do a fast lap and then drop to the ground to do push up, then back to another lap, and so on.  This way you give your heart the same workout as if you took a slower hour climbing a mountain on an elliptical. Mixing it up works with your reflexes to build strong muscles too.  Moving this way increases your focus and also gives you an end point so you can work hard and know it’s going to be complete soon.

Calories are torched away

With intervals you burn a lot of calories. It may seem that the high intensity run for one minute abruptly stopped to do a series of crunches would be less calories but that’s not the case. As the heart beats fast, then rests, it can work harder the next round.

Classes are usually designed to be a challenge. Some even use hot rooms to mimic life in a desert. With the constant movement 500-600 calories are pretty easily burned in just one hour. And with the weight training woven into each interval dissolving fat is often the result.

Grows confidence

Group classes like boot camps leave you feeling a sense of accomplishment. And you are part of a group that has made it through something rigorous together. Your leader will push you and pull you and reward you with their words of a job well done. Then as you walk away in sweat drenched clothes you can’t help but smile, feel great, and know inwardly, ‘I did it.’

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