Alright indoor cycling lovers, your dreams have come true!!!  I get asked after class, “How far do you think we went today?”  Or, “How many calories did I burn today?”Littleton Spin Class

Well, Club USA has invested in new bikes with computers that will tell you those answers and many more.   Spin classes will now be a little more specific with regards to EVERYTHING!!!  You will be able to go the exact gear and cadence (speed in which you are pedaling) the instructor is telling you to be in, and you will be able to tell how much power you legs are putting into each pedal stroke.  You will know your heart rate and how many calories you burned.   Whether you wish to lose weight, climb a mountain faster, get stronger on your bike, or just get into better cardiovascular shape, these bikes will get you there quicker and more efficiently!!!   These bikes will replace our old ones sometime in mid April of this year!!!!!

Hope to see you in spin class!!!!


Cyndi Hollister, B.S.
Club USA  303-979-7772 ext. 127
Director of SilverSneakers
Director of Spinning
Coach in RED ZONE


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