Many of you have seen the MyZones monitors in the weight room, group fitness studio, RedZone Studio and our Littleton cycling studio….but how does it work?

The MyZone Belt

To begin with you purchase a MyZone belt from the front desk.  You then register the belt with your personal information such as sex, height and weight.  MyZone will then establish your training heart rates.  As you are working out you will see a color tile on the monitor that will let you know how hard you are working. There are 5 colors.

Here is a basic description of what is happening within those zones:

Gray:  50-60% of max heart rateLittleton MyZone Taining

  • Used for warm up and cool down – walking briskly
  • Effort feels very easy
  • Burns approximately 4 calories per minute

Blue:   60-70% of max heart rate

  • Used for warm up and increasing the heart rate – jogging slowly
  • Burns about 8 calories per minute and is known as the fat burning zone

Green: 70-80% of max heart rate

  • Used for improving your aerobic capacity by increasing the number and size of your blood vessels.  This is where you start building a strong heart and is known as aerobic activity.  This means your body can supply enough oxygen for you to maintain the activity without running out of breath – running easily
  • Burns about 12 calories per minute.

Yellow: 80-90% of max heart rate

  • Used for intervals where you are crossing over from aerobic activity to anaerobic activity. Anaerobic activity is when the body cannot supply enough oxygen so you become out of breath and cannot maintain that level of exertion for long periods of time.  However, the more you train the better at these levels with interval training programs, like those taught in a spin class, the better your body will adapt. This is where you become faster and fitter – Running faster.
  • Burns about 16 calories per minute.

Red: 90-100% of max heart rate.

  • Used for top end intervals.
  • This is an all-out effort in the anaerobic zone.  It hurts and cannot be maintained for long periods of time.  This zone is used to help you achieve ultimate fitness.  No more than 10% of your workout should ever be in the red zone which means only 6 minutes in an hour workout – Sprinting
  • Burns about 20 calories per minute

Now that you know what each zone does it is time to put it to work.  At the beginning of your workout you put on your MyZone chest strap.  It will then monitor your entire workout.  Once you are done you take off the strap.

A copy of your workout is then sent to your computer or phone with a color graph of your workout.  It will tell you how many minutes you worked out, your average heart rate, your maximum heart rate, how many calories you burned and your MEP’s (MyZone Exercise Points).

MyZone Exercise Points

MyZone Exercise Points are earned as follows for each minute that you work out:

  • Gray 1 Point
  • Blue 2 points
  • Green 3 points
  • Yellow and Red 4 points

With this information you will know how many calories you burn per week from exercise, if your cardiovascular workouts are really pumping your heart and you can even join various challenges against other members based on MEP’s during a month.  These challenges are sent to your computer and you can choose to participate or not.

Other Benefits of the MyZone Belt

On your personal page each workout is charted on a calendar so you can see all the workouts you have ever done while wearing your MyZone belt.

If you go on vacation the MyZone belt will store up to 16 hours of workouts.  When you come back to the club they will download to your computer.  It is fun to see what is happening on a ski weekend, mountain bike ride, hiking at 14’er, etc.

If you would like more information regarding MyZone training in Littleton at Club USA Fitness and how to use your belt, please contact Cyndi Hollister 303-979-7772 ext 127 or Kathy Quizon ext 126.



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