ROC-IT Machines and Weight Training : Club USA BlogNowadays weight training has as many choices to offer as any line of fitness such as yoga or cardio. Weight Training is much more than lifting weights. The traditional practice of using hand held weights will never die away however. Free weight use will ever remain in the hand of the holder, giving full reign to the user’s choice of motion and resistance.

However, usually sitting pretty close to the barbells and free weights will be the ever growing option of machines to give you targeted workouts.

One producer in the forerunning for innovation is HOIST. They have many different models, one of which is newly featured in many gyms called the ROC-IT line. It utilizes the trademarked ROX technology where the one using the machine becomes an integral part of the exercise.

The advantage is unrestricted joint movement and activation of the core. This gives you the benefit of stabilizing movement with functional training.

The ROC-IT line that HOIST offers has over 20 selectorized and almost 15 plate-loaded single stations focusing on specific muscle groups.

This sounds kind of fancy. While both types of machines were created to help achieve similar results, they do have fundamental differences.

Plate loaded is how it sounds. You pick up a ‘usually round’ plate the weight you wish, or a combination totaling the desired, and put it on the designated bar. It will be held on by some sort of clip.

A selectorized has ‘usually flat rectangular’ plates of standards weights attached to the machine. A spot for a pin can be found between each plate. When you decide what weight you want, you put the pin under the plate and all the plates above it will lift when the machine is engaged.

Since there are advantages to both styles, HOIST and their ROC-IT line offer you the option!

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