Kids and Exercise - Three Elements of Fitness : Club USA BlogHave you ever sat and watched kids on a playground? They run from the see saw to playing tag and then to the monkey bars. It seems their energy increases the more they run and laugh and play.  With the even changing society where sitting in front of a computer captures many of the hours kids could be outside we are challenged to think of how to make sure our kids get the exercise they need to be naturally healthy.

When they were on the playground the three elements of fitness were a built in quota just by the nature of what they were doing. Now it is good to educate ourselves so they can receive the same target through sports and gym activities designed just for them.

The three elements of fitness are endurance, strength and flexibility.

Endurance happens when the child who is ‘it’ runs and runs until they tag one of the many kids running away oftentimes shrieking. It is aerobic activity and strengthens the heart. When a child is breathing harder the entire circulatory and lung system gets stronger, making it easier to bring oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Healthy breathing is one of the greatest keys to happiness and less stress.

Strength happens when a child is pushing another on a swing, or hanging from the monkey bars. This can happen easily in gym programs now offering fun training programs and even wrestling. Muscles grow quickly, fat is kept in healthy check, and all the joints stabilize when a child is strong.

Flexibility is just as important as strength. Out on a playground this happens when kids reach for balls, tie their shoes, stretch over bars and the like. This gives them full range of motion, allowing the muscles to be used in conjunction with the rest of the body. It also provides a built in warm up and cool down to intense activity without even recognizing it.

Gyms today take all of this into account, creating kids programs that will allow them to not only become flexible, strong and enduring but have fun in the process!   That’s why at Club USA in Littleton, Colorado we take pride in our youth fitness programs.   Offering everything from dance and tumbling to interactive games, and even a climbing wall.  Click here to contact us and learn more.


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