Fitness Club ChildcareWhat do we do at Kids Action? Well, there are many games, activities, and exercises that keep the kids busy and occupied when they are here in their three hours. To start off we have a vast amount of video games to keep the children entertained such as Mario Nintendo games, or Lego games. We have four different systems two Wii’s one PlayStation 1 and a PlayStation 3 also three Xbox 360’s and two computers with each system we have many games to choose from all being age appropriate.

Saying that we do require kids being active before they can use any of these games a “work out” is required first this consist of doing 10 reps on our center weight machines which our made for children and the to walk or jog on the treadmill for five minutes. After this exercise is completed the children may play any of the games from our selection.

We not only have games but our activities differ from basketball, an interactive light up floor mat, and two unique rock walls for the children to climb with an adult present.  We also have circuit training during our mourning’s at 9-9:30 and 11-11:30 also in our afternoons at 4-4:30 and 6-6:30 we have all the children join together in the front area and stretch for ten minutes. Then after the stretches we have the kids do 10 different machines for a rotation every minute then the move to the next machine, and finally a cool down stretch for ten minutes while we have our lesson plans. Our lesson plans consist of machine review and safety, healthy food choices, and exercise alternatives. At kids action your children have so many different things to keep you busy so why not give it a try?

-James Pope: Director at Kids Action Fitness


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