Kids Action FitnessIn Colorado, Littleton, Kids Action Fitness has been created to give a solid foundation to our growing generation. Designed to provide a steady, diverse routine of activity that both children and adolescents to develop healthy lives, Kids Action Fitness can also be found at

Our little ones need at least one hour a day of good cardio activity, in addition, they need to use their muscles and bones so they will grow strong. There is a lot of truth to ‘use it or lose it,’ and giving our children the tools to develop their whole selves will be a ticket to health in their older years.

Kids Action Fitness offers a solution to the computer and television world in which this generation is immersed.  The setup gives a variety of equipment and activity, including circuit training that is fun, and cardio machines that will excite.

In addition, bite size lessons of how to make healthy choices are interspersed in the ‘workouts.’ Prizes are awarded for those children completing circuit training too. “Open Time” is also an activity in its own right, it is the freedom to explore all the equipment at their own pace and interest level. This gives children a chance to learn what is natural for them and have fun running around making new friends.

We would like to think that getting exercise is just a part of our children’s life, like the older times when we played outside until dinner, but our society has changed.  Taking exercise seriously now will give your children the long term benefit on every level of their lives.

At Club USA in Littleton, Colorado we take pride in our children’s fitness programs.   Offering everything from dance and tumbling to interactive games, and even a climbing wall.  Click here to contact us and learn more.


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