For most kids, summer vacation is a long-awaited break when they can finally kick back, sleep in and watch endless of amounts of television. However, the “dream” summer vacation may actually become quite boring after the first week. Unfortunately, research shows that students’ learning trajectories often start to slide during summer vacation — a phenomenon commonly referred to as “summer learning loss.”

To help prevent “the summer slide,” parents can choose from an array of local summer camps and activities to keep children engaged and active. Whether your child is interested in theatre or Club USA Summer Camp 2016music, sports or the sciences, each activity has a broader impact on development and learning abilities.

Musical training with dance has been shown to help children develop greater cognitive skills, achieve higher grades in school and boost creativity. This summer might be the perfect opportunity to sign your child up for an art-inspired summer camp.

Summer camp enables children to develop their confidence, character and presentation skills through ensemble performance and instruction

The secret of camp success

“Camp differs from school in that positive outcomes are experiential and not in a classroom setting,”

“Life is about overcoming obstacles, and camp provides challenges that exist in a safe environment, where kids can learn to succeed and fail and try again, for example, on the climbing wall or challenge course.

You can’t fail summer camp, in school there is inherent failure, but camp mitigates that. If you strike out in baseball, you can succeed in swimming or arts and crafts.”

Camper confidence

That type of accomplishment ultimately boosts kids’ sense of independence. “Parents value the self-confidence that comes when their children try new things and succeed, “And besides making new friends — which most campers say is the best benefit of camp — children grow with the independence they have to make choices about their activities, their meals, their friends.”

Because of camp, my daughter walks a little taller, speaks a little clearer, laughs a little louder and shows a little more confidence.

At camp, everything is designed around having fun — and the campers don’t realize the power of the experience.”


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