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The Hex or Trap Bar is an excellent addition to any leg and back day. What makes it so great?
????Standing in the middle of the load makes is easier to center your weight over the middle of your foot allowing you to control your lifting force more effectively.
????Eases low back pressure and reduces form flaws that barbells can create.
????Can be used for a variety of exercises in the gym like:
✔Hex Bar Romanian Deadlift -Beginner
✔Farmer’s Carry -Beginner/Intermediate
✔Hex Bar bent over Row – Intermediate
✔Hex Bar Overhead Press – Advanced
Throw a couple of Hex Bar exercises into your next workout to challenge your stability, increase your force production, and add variety to your lifts! And, as awlays, remember; train well to live better. Follow @clubusafitness for workout ideas, mobility tips, and great content featuring our coaches, trainers, and clients!

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