A Heart Felt Look at Almonds : Club USA BlogAlmonds will surprise you. At first glance nuts in general may seem like a food to avoid. Their small servings are high in fat AND calories. Yet more and more research is showing that foods rich in monounsaturated fat, like one of their stars the almond, can make you healthier.

These delicious nuts can give you satisfaction that frees your body up to give you energy instead of process toxins. They are energy rich and not likely to leave you yawning like processed foods will do every time.

Nut consumption has been proven through quite a few studies to lower the risk for heart disease. How? Healthy fats lower cholesterol and usually will replace the propensity towards eating unhealthy fats.

With almonds rich source of vitamin E and the flavonoids found in the skins, heart disease can be helped and warded off. Even a quarter cup of almonds will give you 160 mg potassium and 60 mg magnesium. Magnesium is a calcium channel blocker extraordinaire. Veins and arteries breathe, open and relax with this mineral in healthy supply. It also protects against free radicals that can hurt the heart. Potassium’s benefit is in electrolyte power helping maintain normal blood pressure and muscle contraction (the heart is a muscle.)

Almonds help maintain steady blood sugar levels offering management and prevention of diabetes too. These tasty nibbles will also counteract the effect of high glycemic indexed foods if eaten in conjunction.

So almonds would be great not only as a snack to tide you over until a substantial meal, but also used as part of the meal itself by sprinkling chopped ones on your salad or spreading it crushed on your bread.


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