3 Great Reasons to Lift Weights : Club USA BlogWhat is your reason for working out? Is it to burn calories? To increase your energy? To lose weight? To release stress? Whatever the reason, lifting weights should be an important part of your routine. It is not always enough to get a little cardio and there are some heavy duty reasons to include those bicep curls and squats.

Research shows that even though men seem to gravitate towards the weight room, only 20% of women strength train more than two times a week.

Here are compelling reasons to guide your steps towards the rooms of weight machines or rows of hand held weights.

• You will burn calories…more of them.

Including a weight routine will increase the calories burned after your workout. So as you relax after dinner your body will still be revving up. Why? After such a workout the muscles used need to repair their fibers, and to do this they need energy. Research shows that including as little as three large muscle lifts can raise the metabolism for over 35 hours! And compared to those that workout but do not lift more fat is burned.

• Your bones will get stronger.

Bone mass decreases as we age, leading many to endure fractures from small bumps and falls. Lifting can interrupt this progression. With only sixteen weeks of resistance training, this means using weight you do not normally have in your daily routine which in turn challenges the muscles, hip bone density is increased. In addition, osteocalcin was increased in the blood by 19 percent which is the marker used to measure bone growth.

• Your clothes will fit better.

Ten percent of your body’s total muscle is lost between the ages of 30 and 50 according to most research. This loss is usually replaced by fat which increases your waist size. Fat takes up more space than muscle, in fact it takes up 18 percent more room.

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