B-VitaminsUnlike the Vitamin B-12, B6 is water soluble. This means it dissolves in water and the result is unused parts leaving your body through your urine. While B-12 can stick around for a few years in the liver and come to the rescue when needed, B6 must be a consistent part of your diet.

But why is B6 important? It helps the body in a number of ways. First of all it makes hemoglobin. This substance carries oxygen to your tissues in the red blood cells. B6 is similar to B-12 in that it protects your nervous system. It also breaks down protein. If you eat a diet heavy in protein, more B6 is needed. B6 also makes antibodies which will fight disease and keeps your blood sugar level healthy.

This Vitamin must be regulated for too much or too little can produce side effects. If you are deficient signs might be mouth sores, depression, anemia or even confusion. Too much isn’t much better and could show up as confusion, numbness in limbs and changes in your sensory comfort (i.e. light and sound.)

There are many natural sources for B6 such as avocadoes and bananas, nuts and legumes, poultry and red meat. Some whole grains have enough B6 as well. Remember that if you buy a food fortified with any vitamin or mineral it means it has been artificially added. While there are many cases fortification is compatible with the body, not all foods nitrified this way have absorbable sources. A little research online can give you all the information you need, or even ask your health expert at your gym. They can also give you the recommended amounts for age and gender.

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