Get Strong With The Ball : Club USA BlogIt might seem like a paradox to consider a ball stable. Unlike boxes, balls rolls around, bounce and squish. So it begs the question, ‘What is a stability ball anyway?’ It is a fairly new innovation used in many gyms these days. Not only do various sizes of these stability balls sit on metal rung shelves near the mat and weight sections but also whole classes are devoted to exercises exclusively using a stability ball.

What makes this low cost, simply piece of equipment stable is the way it forces YOU to gain strength and stability through the exercises. The stability ball creates a semi-fluid medium for you to fine tune the relationships between your muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones by engaging more of the entire body.

It takes balance, concentration, patience and strength to perform steady motion on a moving object. For this reason stability balls are largely used to target core strengthening. The core is defined as several central muscle groups including the back, pelvis and abs. Not only does the ball bring in multiple groups all at once, the overall effect is known to help with back pain and increase flexibility in daily life.

If you have wanted to try a new form of exercise stability ball classes can easily be found in most gyms. Having an instructor is helpful in the beginning. These professionals move through the class, individually offering guidance to assist you in focusing and using the ball effectively.

One consideration is the size and shape of the ball to use. There are better sizes for different heights and weights. A larger diameter ball is good for the taller among us, and a large size will offer more resistance for those looking to lose weight. Sit on top of the ball you wish to use with your feet flat on the floor. If your hips are level with your knees or a bit lower, then you have a size good for you. Always check with your doctor if you have health conditions to be sure this type of versatile movement is good for you.

The stability ball can also bring a smile as you experience wobbling and teetering. And as we all know, laughter can be the best medicine.

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