Feel Good Fast With Zumba : Club USA BlogZumba is an ever growing popular form of workout, combining Latin music with easy to learn routines, the exercise can feel more like enjoying a good dance than getting through a rigorous routine.

But do not be misled by the joy inducing dance, Zumba packs a punch in the benefits, both aerobic and anaerobic, that the body will notice, even after a few workouts. How so?

First, Latin music runs at 145 beats per minute, unconsciously exciting you to move around more quickly when you hear the tunes. At this rate the heart beats more quickly, up to the target zone your body needs to strengthen the heart and build endurance. Just like hard core athletes training for long periods in their optimal health zones, Zumba will give you the chance to step it up, literally, pumping fresh oxygen through the whole body.

Your overall stamina will be increased, your cells will release toxins (even those stored for many years,) and your muscles will become increasingly more agile and strong. Even though getting, and keeping, your heart rate high does not directly target the use of fat calories, in fact only about fifty percent will come from fat, your body will be healthier, metabolizing higher amounts of calories overall and give you greater freedom in your diet.

With spurts of intense routines, marked by the length of a particular song, anaerobic benefits abound as well with Zumba. This form of exercise, also highly used by athletes, triggers lactate formation, with target results being muscle tone and overall endurance strengthening.

Not only does Zumba offer aerobic and anaerobic benefits, it also increases healthy neural pathways by the use of positive concentration needed to complete a routine with greater ease each time. Memory is utilized, and so are a variety of motor skills including hand/foot/eye coordination, oh, and do not forget the hip movements so linked to Latin dance. Zumba will also release serotonin and beta endorphin by the joy of trying something fun all for you!

At Club USA in Littleton, Colorado we offer Zumba classes at various times and with various instructors.  More info about our Zumba classes can be found here.  And contact us to learn more.



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