4259635905_899a2fa76d-300x256 (1)One of the greatest insights you can have when it comes to your children and food is to realize that there is a lot of psychology involved for you and for them. It is not just about ‘making a
decision,’ but about understanding what goes into our relationship with food.

Here are a few pointers to consider:

•  Good food is nutritious food.

Frame your use of the word by moving away from saying something is good just because it tastes good. Start using the word in relation to the nutritional value of the food and the food will also look better to your kids!

•  There is no such thing as bad food.

If you label food as bad, even though it makes you salivate, you set yourself and your kids up for greater desire for it. Not only will the taboo lead to wanting it because you cannot have it, but it will begin to have an irresistible charge through the misleading message your body gets. The body desires it at the same time the brain labels it as bad. No food is bad, it is all about moderation so if you take that word out of the description you also take away some of the charge.

•  Being Full does not mean being stuffed.

Target your language to create the sense that being full is the point when you and your children are satisfied. It is pretty easy to stuff ourselves and FEEL full because of the discomfort, it is an invaluable skill to develop the ability to know when you are satisfied and end your eating at that point.

•  Is your food calorie worthy?

Developing for yourself and your kids a strong value for eating worthy calories can go a long way. It lets you look at food and make a choice independent of your emotional drive or unseen compulsion. The language creates a positive way to frame the food you eat.

•  Hunger is NOT an emergency

Children and adults can feel like they will die if they do not get something to eat. In our country however, food is just around the corner in our homes, supermarkets and quickly prepared restaurants. Even if your child is diabetic it is easy to have healthy options readily available.

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