kids club december 2016


Kid’s Club will be learning in December about Disney, dinosaurs, Christmas, and New Year’s.

It is that time of year everyone has to wear coats and hats so please do not forget them when you leave. Also make sure to write your child’s name on the coat since we have so many of the same coats and same sizes.

Remember we are a peanut free area so please remember that when packing snacks for your kid’s. We offer snacks that are peanut free such as Nella Wafers, Cheerios, Graham crackers, Saltine crackers, Cheeze Its, Ritz crackers, and Veggie straws for our gluten free kids.

During your workout you can check on your kids on the monitor located upstairs in the workout area or in the woman’s locker room.

Remember if your child is sick you need to keep them home to prevent the spread of illness. We do not allow green runny noses, pink eye, bad coughs, diarrhea or fever. If your child has any issues you need to keep them home and be free from all symptoms for 24 hours. If your child does not feel well during a visit to the kid’s club you will have to take them home.

 If your child wears a diaper please remember to bring us a diaper so we can change them. If potty training please bring a change of clothes so we can change them.

Please feel free to contact Kim Cox the Kid’s Club Director with any questions you might have. Kim has been employed with the club since 2007. Kim is also the Kid’s Action Fitness Director too.


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