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Get Up and Get It Done!!!Pure Muscle TRX Littleton

Come join us on Thursday mornings at 5:30 am for Pure Muscle Pump/TRX class.

This class consists of a mixture of weight lifting, short intense cardio bouts and TRX training.

If you have never used the TRX strap you will find it a great addition to your traditional weight training program.  While doing any exercise you will need to engage your core and Pure Muscle Pump TRXmany exercises also require balance work.  By changing the angle of your body every exercise can be performed from beginner to advanced level.  It is truly something you need to experience to realize what a great training tool it is.

Every class is designed to be a full body Pure Muscle TRX Class Littletonworkout; with a few cardio bursts to raise your heart rate and increase calorie burn and hand weights for muscle endurance.

So, set that alarm clock and “Get Up and Get It Done”.
Class taught by:  Kathy Quizon, PT, ACE certified, AFFA certified!



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