“I’m working out so hard and not losing any weight………”

Well, all I can say is, “You’ll get where you want to be by changing your diet”!!!!

I’ve been working in gyms, training, and competing in a variety of activities since I was very young and I’ve always considered myself to be in “good shape”!!!  I mean physically inside and out!!!  I never realized how much my physique could change until I was FORCED to change my own diet.  Not because I wanted to, and I thought I had always had a pretty good diet, because I HAD to….  I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease that has no medication to relieve the symptoms, only diet change…. no GLUTEN!!!!Changing Your Diet in a Positive Way

Well, it’s much easier said than done because everything has gluten… from most breads to soy sauce.  My challenge had begun starting with some research and reaching out to friends that have
this NASTY disease (Celiac).  Bought a new toaster, cleaned out the pantry, refrigerator, etc. and started fresh.  Thank goodness my husband was on board with me or this could be even more challenging.  Since December 2015, my energy has increased, my weight has decreased, my mental attitude (including fogginess) has become much better and I feel AWESOME!!!!

Now, I’m not saying that everyone should get rid of gluten in their diet, all I’m trying to say is that changing your diet in a positive way (for YOU) can do a world of good for your mental, emotional and physical being!!!

I hear on a daily basis, “I have a pretty good diet”!!!   I challenge you to write EVERYTHING down that goes in your mouth (yes, everything including that piece of gum) for 4 days and take it to a registered dietitian or certified nutritionist and have them evaluate your intake

Consistency is the key to success with fitness!!!


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