Small Group Workouts Are Most Motivating

Forty-seven percent o members who responded to a Industry survey said that working out in a small group setting of less than 20 people would be the most motivating workout. That compares to 21 percent who said that working out by themselves was most motivating and 19...

Trust the System

Tribe Team Training @clubusafitness is wrapping up season 7 and these Tribe Members can tell you first hand that it ain’t no picnic!! . 6 weeks of progressive programming ✔ Bonding with their Tribes ✔ Weight loss, recovery, and strength ✔ Season 1 starts Monday,...

Hex Bar Deadlift

The Hex or Trap Bar is an excellent addition to any leg and back day. What makes it so great? . ????Standing in the middle of the load makes is easier to center your weight over the middle of your foot allowing you to control your lifting force more effectively. ....

Static Stretching vs. Dynamic Stretching

Warming up before a workout is just as crucial as cooling down after one. . BEFORE – Dynamic stretching should serve the purpose of priming the muscles, joints, and mind for the workout to come! That means that warming up the shoulders, hips, and back through...


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