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Back to School Hours at Kids Action Fitness

With school about to start back up, the Kids Action Area will return back to its normal hours starting Wednesday January 6th. Our back to school hours are as follows:  Monday – Thursdays 3:00pm – 8:30pm Fridays 3:00pm – 7:00pm Saturdays 7:45am...

December at Kids Action Fitness

As the all the leaves have fallen and there have been multiple snowstorms, we can truly feel that the winter season is here. We can hear the kids coming in much easier with the “clip-clop” sound of the boots but, remember kids are required to wear tennis shoes, so...

Kids Action Fitness Thanksgiving Hours

From: James Pope -Director of Kids Action Fitness With the weather getting cooler outside and with winter approaching we have Thanksgiving break in about 2-3 weeks from November 23rd through November 27th. Just a reminder our weekly hours will change as follows:...

Kids Action Fitness

What do we do at Kids Action? Well, there are many games, activities, and exercises that keep the kids busy and occupied when they are here in their three hours. To start off we have a vast amount of video games to keep the children entertained such as Mario Nintendo...

Dance for Kids Health

Dance is just one of the many classes abounding in gyms and studios across the country. It begs a question, ‘Since we can dance anywhere, why take a class to give us the chance to dance?’ The main reason is that the structure of our daily lives has been slowly...

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