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Aquatics for Health – Part 3

Swim your way to better health and have fun with every stroke! If you have never considered jumping in a pool as your daily exercise routine, this series of articles will offer you a compelling argument for donning a suit and diving in. Flexibility is increased Think...

Aquatics for Health – Part 2

It is undeniable that exercise in water is not only easy, not only fun, but really good for you. Here are more benefits of taking on water for health. Increased Strength and Tone of All Muscles Water is about twelve times as dense as air. So not only does it suspend...

Aquatics for Health – Part 1

A plan to play in water will lead to greater health on every level. Water is an excellent medium for those aging, recovering from injury, or limited in mobility. But really, it is great for everyone. Conjuring up memories of splashing and jumping as kids into a...


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