Burning It Up With Bootcamps : Club USA BlogBoot camp workouts have become very popular these days. They are offered in gyms, in parking lots outside the gym, on a grassy slope and in endless types of parks. Why are they among the popular ways to exercise as a group?

This type of a workout combines intervals between cardio like running and resistance like weight training. The leader of the boot camp is usually high energy, which can give you momentum if you are coming from a long day at an office job or finally out of the car after driving your family to all their activities.

Oftentimes the leader will give you a name to replace your own. Mr. Freeze, Sparky, and Fireball would be just a few examples. Your name connects something about your personal life with some sort of strong, crazy theme. It is like entering a secret club where the names are used only when everyone is together. With this sort of bonding the rigorous workout can be done with a glint in your eye.

Boot camp is for everyone. The fit, the barely exercising, the somewhere in between all coalesce into one mob responding to the fast paced, often vocal, command of the leader urging you on to do your personal best.

You will be breathless. You will also develop toned abs and chiseled legs. The hour or so for your series will pass with you constantly, I mean constantly, moving as fast as you can from one interval to the next. The exercises are targeted to use every muscle in your body with little rest in between.

Bootcamp leaves no prisoners, but it will leave you in better shape after every workout. There is only one requirement for success, it is not how fast you go or how many reps you complete. Your success is to finish what you started, each and every time.

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