Building Muscle Through Yoga : Club USA BlogIn days past lifting dumbbells was the way to build muscle. Free weights continue to be a powerful tool to also increase balance and if the right exercises are done gain flexibility. With the increased interest in gym workouts as a way to keep fit in a busy, computer driven world, muscle building has evolved through many different inventions including circuits, machines and resistance cords.

But what about a practice such as yoga? Can this build your muscle? The first obvious response is that any sort of exercise is going to use muscle and therefore tone and build. But what about if you want to target muscle, how effective can yoga be for a physical goal such as this?

The inception and long lineage of yoga created the practice as a way of life. It is all about building the mind body connection, and living a balanced life in relation to the world. The principle focus is not, therefore, to build muscle independent of its many other premises.

However the west has taken the practice into many different expressions, not so much to the exclusion of its foundation, but rather culling from the discipline pieces to target certain benefits.

Yoga asanas, or poses, naturally require and build stamina in holding us for periods of time in focused positions. Muscles are engaged, and if the teacher leads you well with her/his words, the engagement employs the entire body.

Research is showing us that yoga can be an excellent way to work with your muscles in a gentle way.

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