Boost the self-esteem of female teens and preteens through fitness and wellness programs.

“Self-esteem isn’t everything; it’s just there’s nothing without it.”—Gloria Steinem

Many women whom you train or teach struggle with body image issues, eating disorders and inactivity. While most try to change destructive behavior patterns as adults, this is often a very lengthy and painful process. The key is to prevent these behaviors from forming at all. One way to do that is to address self-esteem issues during the preteen (9-12) and teen (13-17) years.

As a fitness professional, you can play a significant role in improving girls’ self-esteem. Encouraging physical activity helps stop destructive behaviors from developing. Here’s a look at the types of fitness activities girls prefer, some ways you can incorporate self-esteem-building activities into your work and reasons why it’s important to focus on fitness and wellness.

USA Dance

At Club USA Dance our vision is to reach young people all over the Denver area, teaching the art of dance and the value of fitness training. Since we have opened our doors, we have Boost Self Esteemattracted thousands of dancers from throughout Colorado. Students enjoy the opportunity to learn and to experience dance on another level.

The instruction, patience, and discipline benefit all students.

“Sure to build Self-esteem”

Mission Statement

“Our Goal is to guide our future adults into
a health conscience way of life and fitness.”

To teach the basic fundamentals in dance and tumbling, build self- confidence and encourage students to pursue their goals.

Trish Reed-Talty

USA Dance Director ~ Group Fitness Director
5066 S Wadsworth Way Suite 107 ~ Littleton, CO 80123

( (303) 979-7772 ex. 106 *







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