Body Pump For WomenBody pump and body sculpt classes have become very popular these days as a way to get into shape FAST. These rigorous classes have become so popular, especially for women who may be less experienced with weight training and not so comfortable in the free weight room, the variations of class types increase constantly.

Basically this category of group fitness sessions lasts between 45 – 90 minutes and focuses on resistance training with a form of weight such as a barbell or hand weights. The intensity is completely within the participant’s hands based on the chosen weight and the speed of repetition. Though the leader of the class will make suggestions it is easy to do things at an individual pace and have the full body workout offered in such a short amount of time.

Some of the exercises included in a body pump class are: lunges, press pullover combinations, deadrow, clean and press, reverse curls, chest presses and squats.

Recent studies of the body pump class have shown that it does indeed offer record-able results, not across the board in every area of body fitness but in some quite significant ways for women.

Pumping the body in these types of classes is shown to increase muscular strength, endurance, neuromuscular activation and efficiency with increased balance in muscle use. While the traditional class does not show record-able results for everyone in the aerobic and cardiovascular improvement, many classes today can be found that adjust the series of repetitions to target raising the heart rate.

For those women just engaging a workout routine after a hiatus taken to care for children or even meet job expectations, body pump is a solid way to get yourself in gear for greater health and boost self confidence.

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