Aquatics for Health : Club USA BlogSwim your way to better health and have fun with every stroke! If you have never considered jumping in a pool as your daily exercise routine, this series of articles will offer you a compelling argument for donning a suit and diving in.

Flexibility is increased

Think about it. When you sit at a bicep
machine you basically isolate the muscle and concentrate the weight and movement right there, on the bicep. Inadvertently the entire body is lightly used to hold you in position and counter balance the focused movement but mostly the bicep machine is going to work the bicep. This has advantages not to be disregarded.
However swimming will use your entire body all at once, requiring a wide range of motions. The result is a focus upon entire groups such as all your ligaments and all your joints. The team work way the body helps you swim laps automatically increases flexibility, loosening any hidden stiffness that might go un-addressed in daily life.

For example, a scissor kick is going to rotate the hips in many directions, the shoulder sockets will move in circles as you arc the arms through the water and even the neck will swivel side to side as you take in air on the left and then on the right. All of this brings fluid inside the body to the joints. The entire body is lengthened, almost like a traction machine, allowing the spinal column to release compression too.

After lapping it up, you can use the water to be a forum for stretching. Positions can be held for longer periods of time as your weight is displaced, giving a chance to let go of tensions.

Weight Control

Hot or cold exercising in water is proven to burn calories. While these stats depend upon you and your exercise, generally speaking 60-150 calories can be burned for every ten minutes! And this does not include the increased metabolism that happens after the workout too. While the butterfly stroke, burning a whopping 150 calories in ten minutes might be ambitious to attempt, freestyle comes close with about 100 per ten minutes. Even the breast stroke burns 60 per ten minutes and the back stroke about 80 giving you a relaxing movement through the water while shaping up, literally.

Just like intervals on land, intervals in water burn more calories too. Push yourself a little, then relax and enjoy and you will notice the difference in the mirror and on the scale.

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