Aquatics for Health : Club USA BlogIt is undeniable that exercise in water is not only easy, not only fun, but really good for you. Here are more benefits of taking on water for health.

Increased Strength and Tone of All Muscles

Water is about twelve times as dense as air. So not only does it suspend impact upon the body, it also requires more energy to move through it. The natural resistance will go unnoticed as the water regulates your temperature and acts like a support as you swim. What better way to tone muscles than to have it happen without tremendous effort? When moving through the water to swim a lap you will be using many more muscles as you kick with your legs and stroke with your arms. The muscles of the torso, a powerhouse core of the body important for maintaining good posture, alignment and flexibility, are all engaged as the body swishes to the sides as you self propel to the edge of the pool.

This resistance not only strengthens the muscles, it also is shown to improve bone strength. If you are working with, or consciously preventing, osteoporosis swimming could be a great fit for you.

Improved Asthma Symptoms

Your lungs might want a little tender loving care and water can be just the source. Whether you are suffering from asthma or not, water is a moist environment for developing lung capacity. Much research shows that dry air is hard on the lungs, creating stress while moist air not only helps the lungs increase their volume it will also help develop good breathing techniques. Studies have shown that swimming can lighten a variety of symptoms such as asthma, snowing and mouth breathing.

In addition, as you develop healthier breathing patterns your brain will thank you for the oxygen by thinking more clearly and all the other cells will find it easier to release toxins and receive nutrients.

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