Aquatics for Health : Club USA BlogA plan to play in water will lead to greater health on every level. Water is an excellent medium for those aging, recovering from injury, or limited in mobility. But really, it is great for everyone. Conjuring up memories of splashing and jumping as kids into a community pool or ocean vacation water evokes ease; couple that with great health benefits and you have a true cause to take on water for health.

Here’s why:

#1 The Ability to Do More With Less

Water decreases the body’s weight. In fact, when you are only in up to your waist your weight becomes 50% of its normal number, and going up to your chest you decrease your weight to about 25-35%. This gets even better if you submerge up to your neck, you carry about 10% of your weight while the water holding you takes up the rest.

With the decrease of weight comes an increase in easy movement, protecting harsh impact upon your bones. Range of motion can feel fluid and the exercise then can help your body lubricate your joints. Arthritis sufferers can find great relief in a pool, especially if it is warm. Warm water loosens stiff joints, and water exercise combines three activities the Arthritis Foundation recommends all in one. These three are to stretch your muscles, to strengthen your muscles and to engage in aerobic workout that increases oxygen through the body. Research has shown that working out in water leads to a reduction in pain in all that commit to it.

Even if you are not dealing with any specific injury or ailment, water exercise is a perfect preventative measure providing a little fun too!

#2 A Healthier Heart

Swimming helps improve one of the most important muscles in our body, that is, our heart. We can forget our heart is actually a muscle. When we work this muscle we not only strengthen it, but the entire body is served by the strengthening of blood vessels and the distribution of nutrients in the blood to all the cells. It is truly a win-win situation.

Better circulation leads to innumerable benefits, one of the primary ones is strengthening your personal immune response. In today’s highly engaged world our bodies are constantly protecting us from anything that might compromise its health and lead to inflammation, a strong heart creates balance in this ever changing battle.

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