Anxiety, Depression & Yoga - Part 2 : Club USA BlogAs we discussed in Part 1 of this series, anxiety and depression has a grip on Americans today by astonishing numbers.  Bo Forbes is the founder of Integrative Yoga Therapeutics. She is well aware, as a psychologist and yoga instructor, that the mind-body pattern of communication is part of the puzzle leading to anxiety, depression and other such illnesses. She has developed a targeted use of the ancient practice of yoga that works with these patterns which include the enteric nervous system (belly brain,) the autonomic nervous system, connective tissue, pain paths, and a few other related systems.

Change is possible. And change will happen when this mind-body network is accessed. Her work is held in high esteem as she was invited to participate in research of the effects of yoga on depression and anxiety by the Mind and Life Institute with neuroscientists.

Post-traumatic stress disorder falls in this category as well. Their research is directing its inquiry upon what Forbes considers to be one of the most compelling areas of neuroscience called, ‘interoception.’

An understandable way to view this field is to think of mindfulness in the body. It is all about our ability to BE in the body and be present with all its movement and variance.  Yoga is amazing for this.

She takes a different stance than the old adage, ‘I think therefore I am,’ of Descartes. Forbes says, ‘if you change your body patterns, you change your mind.’ Interoception can help heal the mind of its negative self-talk and obsessive rumination. It gets the person into their physical body, interrupting the loop of negativity, and allows the body to lead to healing.

Yoga strengthens the practitioners ability to be mindful, to open a door to interoception.

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