Anxiety, Depression & Yoga - Part 1 : Club USA BlogMore than 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety, depression or some related illness – and while medications are abound to help, the numbers remain astonishing. Most of the medications force the symptoms to abate through inhibiting or the processes in the brain that are causing the over firing or under producing of the chemicals our body provides that leave us feeling good.

This simple ‘fix’ if you will is not helping people become free of anxiety or depression and it does not work with the entire body. There can also be contraindications to these medications, such as weight gain and lack of sex drive, which in turn can lead to greater stress. Don’t get us wrong, there is certainly a place and time for these measures, but even then the effects can be enhanced with additional actions.

There are new methods targeting these life diminishing illnesses and one of the them is yoga. Any form of exercise can be helpful because of the effect upon the hormones, brain chemicals and use of the body, but experts in their respective fields are connecting the dots.

One such expert is Bo Forbes, a psychologist and yoga instructor. Taking both her fields she has developed a form of yoga that focuses its efforts on a therapeutic application to target immune disorders, anxiety, insomnia, depression, chronic pain and more. She is all about the mind-body connection.

It is estimated that depression will be the second largest disability by 2020 if we do not radically change or introduce new methods of healing and recovery into our system.  Find out more in our next article

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