Everybody seems to wait for the next 90 Day Body Transformation, which if that is for you, great, The RED Zone at Club USA offers 90 Day Challenges throughout the year. However, why wait? Challenge yourself today to get in the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life at The RED Zone inside Club USA!

body transformationBody challenges usually last for 90 days, which are great, however how about make a body change that lasts a lifetime. The RED Zone at Club USA offers daily Training Sessions, taught by Certified Fitness Trainers who are committed to help you continue to build your fitness level. Training just like you would if you were in a 90 Day Body Transformation, Body Challenges or 90 Day Challenges, you work hard, results and changes will occur.

The RED Zone specializes in functional fitness to show dramatic changes in weight loss, improved strength, flexibility, mobility, physical performance and endurance through functional strength training, and intense interval training programming.

Specializing in nutrition coaching, utilizing Precision Nutrition, our program is one of the most highly respected nutrition programs in the world. Our on-staff certified nutritionist is available to aid in implementing a game plan that you can be consistent with for the rest of your life. No diet fads, or yo-yo dieting here. We believe in consistency to build habits that you will never sway from.

This program is NOT Crossfit, or Orange Theory, rather a Training Facility that offers 5 different levels of training programs that will challenge elite level athletes, as well as safely progress those who are new to a functional training gym to levels beyond what they have ever experienced.

So as you can see, yes, 90 Day Body Challenges do occur however life changes are what The RED Zone at Club USA strives for!!!


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