ID-100209606-200x300Green tea is worth the brew.   Boasting anti-oxidants, green tea is also reported in studies to stimulate the burning of fat. In fact, drinking three to five cups a day can increase your fat burn by 35-45%!

Sleep yourself into fitness.   Burning the candle at both ends is not only counter-productive but actually increases your stress, which in turn can increase your cortisol levels (producing fat to protect you,) and decrease your body’s balance and health on every level. Give yourself the gift of sleep and you will find your metabolism stronger, your mental clarity sharper, your effectiveness more consistent and your happiness stable. The result will be more energy which will burn more calories, and more serotonin which will keep you more easily away from processed foods.

Veggies in a glass.   In a study conducting at Penn State University, vegetable juice, if consumed before a meal, fills you up and reduces your caloric intake by about 135 calories per meal. In addition, juicing gives you a concentration of vitamins and minerals in a delicious way. There is a win-win for your body and your taste buds all in one glass.

Ice it up!   When food or drink is colder than our homeostasis, the body works harder to bring it to the best temperature for the digestive tract to break it down, or adapt it to pass on to the cells and blood stream. Drinking eight to ten glasses of ice cold water, while it can be a jolt to the system, also jump starts an extra 250-500 calories a day devoted solely to bringing the water to the appropriate temperature.

Charge up with coconut water.   This newly popular commodity is truly an electrolyte heaven for the body. More than other highly processed energy drinks, the water will enhance the cell’s health charging you up with your own naturally faster metabolism. With more energy goes more activity, giving you greater ease in working out to your max.

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