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littleton swim lessons

The Swim with Mr. Kenn Program is a unique and accelerated process that works every single time! Take it from Kenn Schneider himself:

My classes are unlike the typical swim lessons in Littleton. Comparable children’s swimming lessons cost 2 times what I charge and they boil down to the same axiom: “get a good teacher = the child progresses; get a regular teacher = the child learns very little.” When I taught for these premier schools, my classes were sold out because the gains were well worth the price. I often taught skills faster than their standard curriculum allowed. One of the most common comments from parents after the first class with me is, “My child did more in this class than they did in 3, 6, 12 months at the rec. center, community pool or several elite swim schools.”

My goal in all of my children’s swimming lessons is to get the child to float and dog paddle (because they naturally can when they feel comfortable), then I teach proper form and stroke. I want them safe and swimming as fast as they can learn. Then I send them on to enjoy the water and impress the stuffing out of the folks at the local pool. My intention, as an experienced instructor, is not to keep the same kids in my children’s swimming lessons indefinitely or long term. Club USA swim lessons in Littleton are as simple as learning to ride a bike; once you get it, class is over (unless your goals are more advanced). Because I teach every class, availability is limited. My students graduate, usually in a few months, allowing me to concentrate on those who are still in need. If you as a parent believe all children’s swimming lessons are alike and the only difference is price, I invite you to come and observe one of my swim classes in Littleton. Bring your child, talk to some of the parents, and you will understand why I’m able to get kids excited to be in the water.

There is an Important Difference!

Experience has taught me that this important life skill is easier and more enjoyable to learn than people expect. Parents are amazed when their child acquires new physical skills and achieves real personal accomplishments right before their eyes. To see children beam with pride and say, “I can!” is the greatest reward of this program.

My swim classes in Littleton are so much fun for my students. They inspire balance, coordination, motor development, concentration, self-confidence, survival instincts, love of the water, and much more.

Classes are so much fun, and they inspire balance, coordination, motor development, concentration, self-confidence, survival instincts, love of the water, and much more.


Club USA swim lessons in Littleton with Mr. Kenn classes are held in the Club USA pool. Pricing and times are shown below.

Availability for half-hour classes

Monday through Thursday: mornings and evenings

Friday: mornings

Saturday: mornings and afternoons

Private Classes

Club USA Member $30 / half-hour

Non-Member $35 / half-hour

Semi-Private (Two or more Students) classes

Club USA Member $45 / half-hour

Non-Member $55 / half-hour

Call for specific times and availability: (720) 237-8193


Kenn Schneider has been teaching for 18 years, teaching swimming lessons in Littleton for 12 years, teaching pre-school age children for 15 years. He is American Red Cross – Water Safety Instruction, Advanced First Aid, Advanced Life Saving, Adult, Child & Infant CPR, Ellis & Associates – Life Guard, Learn to Swim Instructor, Adult, Child and Infant CPR & AED, and Colorado State Registry of Pre-school aged child care providers.


Contact: (720) 237-8193 or e-mail: mrkenn@live.com


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